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Planning your communication
Planning your communication includes knowing what to say in a conversation or when speaking in public. Our one-on-one English conversations help students train for the most selective of situations.
Legal tender green
These articles demonstrate how the sentences are constructed in the Journal. Business students get familiarized with the writing style, can read-on and reproduce the writing style.
Business Writing
Writing to hit your goal is hard! Our selection of documents demonstrates how to structure arguments. Students can use those "business writing" methods to forge e-mail campaigns.


Business Models and Planning for Innovation

The goal of this class is to enable students to:

  • Identify and become familiar with Business Models based on Price = Zéro;
  • Evaluate the value creation process;
  • To model the impact of innovation on the Business Unit’s activity.



Global Marketing

The goal of this class is to enable students to build a Global Marketing Information Systems framework meant to help identify market patterns at a transnational level.  This information system is meant to help make sense of the information available about the environment a business evolves in, whether it is: economic, political and regulatory, social and cultural, regional market characteristics and customer behavior and even regional marketing mix decisions.