Analysing how this e-mail is structured to understand its capacity to convince the reader.

This means identifying the structure of the arguments presented in the newsletter:

 the goal

 the purpose

 the generalizations, and

 the facts

This course is about building the tree of arguments of the e-mail:

Tree of arguments


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I've been meaning to share the themes we've been talking about at Deeson each month. I hope you find it useful and I'd welcome any feedback.

In class, we talked about how this is not very clear. We understand DEESON wants to share, BUT what do they want to share and why?.

By simply asking ourselves "WHAT?" and "WHY?", it is clear that we are giving our attention to this newsletter. The purpose is to catch the reader's attention so the reader reads on.

The expression of the purpose is "I've been meaning to share" and "I'd welcome any feedback."

This month's theme is our take on chatbots. Bots is an unhelpfully broad label that covers everything from the latest Natural Language Processing AI research to our old friend Eliza who has been around since 1966.

All generalities lead to the conclusion "Ronald Ashir is a specialist".

Here, DEESON is talking about bots in details, presenting itself as a specialist in the domain of bots.

 Messaging platforms are exploding, they now have more users than the social networks. Cynical view - that's a lot of eyeballs that Facebook et al haven't found a way to monetise yet.

 Facebook Messenger's own bot platform is still rapidly evolving. This presents great opportunities but it's a rapidly changing (and therefore potentially expensive and risky) foundation to build on.

 That hasn't stopped some fascinating early movers, including Woebot created by Stanford University to deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or the UK bot created by a teenager that helped thousands challenge parking tickets and another to help refugees claim asylum.

 In the workplace there are already well-established, paid for Slack bots, including some that we use at Deeson, such as the delightfully named HeyTaco! Slack's latest investment round takes their total to $790m and they have their own bot VC fund.

 Through our research and events and in developing our prototypes for our chatbot build and strategy services we found use cases with clear commercial opportunity that we're developing now. And some use cases that will be firmly staying in the R&D category for a while longer.

Each bullet point is a fact or a real-life example of how bots are used. Each bullet point is used to support the generality:

"DEESON identified in the news the following facts that build its expertise."

In conclusion, don't blindly jump on the bandwagon but do make sure you've got a strategy that allows you to keep pace. Our Technical Strategy Director, Ronald Ashri has been helping clients do just that.

In class, we saw that if you are reading a document from a for-profit organization that says: "In conclusion". This looks like a "recommendation" and the recommendation by a for-profit organization is usually in the form of "buy my service".

In other words, the "goal" is the reason why the writer is sending the document.

The goal is: To make a sale!

The goal here is expressed by: "make sure you have a strategy" and "Ronald Ashri has been helping clients do just that".

In other news this month:

All generalities lead to the conclusion "Ronald Ashir is a specialist".

Here, DEESON is touching other topics where it seems to say "I will detail what happenned." This means, they have done some research and/or some analysis on each topic.

 Procter & Gamble pulled $100m of of digital ads as an experiment and sales were... completely unaffected.

 And some reflections from me on why, despite criticism of big brand saturation, I believe the London Pride march has an important job to do in the workplace.

Those factual examples support the generality: "DEESON identified in the news the following facts that build its expertise."

Best wishes

Tim Deeson


Deeson is a digital agency delivering high stakes, high profile digital transformation.

This is another way of saying: "DEESON is a specialist". As such, this sentence is a generality.

All generalities lead to the conclusion "Ronald Ashir is a specialist".

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Fact: "any interesting fact is emailed."

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