Marketing Systems

Understanding the role of marketing and how it helps turn technology into a product that sells.

Program description: 


Students will earn techniques to:

  • Define and segment a market;
  • Select a segment to target;
  • Develop a Value Proposition for the target;
  • Define the corresponding Marketing Program to deliver the Value Proposition;
  • Map out the corresponding Value Chain.

Marketing is often defined as identifying who to sell to, and what to sell.  The course will present the marketing framework for setting up or managing an activity. The framework is designed to help students translate an idea into a product that looks appealing to the potential customer base.  This means making decisions about what the product will do and look like… As well as decisions about the price point for that product, and where it will be sold, and how it will be promoted. 

The course will:

  1. First look into identifying the market;
  2. Then focus on the group of customers, who are the most in need for that product;
  3. Finally define the decisions required in order to best meet the need identifies in the first place.


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