Ten topics from the workplace environment were developed during phone-conversations.

Each session lasted ten-to-fifteen minutes.

Each session is a use case of spoken English for everyday conversations at work.

Each session was followed by a recap meant to reword most of the session's minutes in simple but proficient English. 

The series “Simple English for the workplace” is a collection of phone conversations.

Those phone exchanges were with a customer in need for a refresher in English. 

? Is this a training solution you might need for you or your collaborators?

  1. Public speaking
    This topic is about what to say when presenting yourself.  When in a new work environment, it is usual to introduce oneself particularly when public speaking.


  2. Face-to-face conversations
    In a one-on-one discussion we have time to develop our thoughts, ask questions and explain ourselves.  But in a business environment long explanations can become unproductive.


  3. Making phone calls
    Most professional phone calls are aimed at reaching a specific person.  The challenge is making sure the person understands what we have to say.


  4. Participating in a professional social event
    Frederic shares his thoughts about an event his company organized. Do do so, he is using reported speech to describe something that happened.


  5. Feeling ill at work
    Feeling ill at work is very uncomfortable.  We find it hard to focus.  People around us may look and feel awkward.  As a result, we are in a sort of crisis situation.


  6. Organizing the schedule
    This session is about scheduling, organizing and planning.  What are the differences between planning and scheduling?


  7. Making small-talk
    Small-talk is the best way to keep the conversation going without really saying much.  It can be a very good strategy around the coffee-machine to avoid being pulled into a never ending conversation.


  8. Sharing bank-holiday activities
    What we do during bank holidays and our spare time is something that people talk a lot about around the coffee machine and in the elevators.   This is a form of small-talk.


  9. Commenting on meetings
    Regarding business meetings people are usually hatters or lovers.  Hatters find meetings to be a waste of time.  Lovers just love the opportunity to interact and meet.


  10. Commenting on the results of the elections
    Commenting on the elections is a hot topic.  A fantastic topic for small-talk, the results of an election can also greatly influence business matters.  Small-talk lovers will find it hard to resist the urge to comment on politics, while corporate strategists will try to understand the consequences for business.