Who is behind Anglais Marketing?

Our team leader has spent 14 years in Anglo-Saxon countries, among which 6 spent in the United-States of America.  Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet has been teaching at La Sorbonne since 2007 business topics in English. Anglais Marketing has been since been the tool used to communicate with students, provide them with exercises and send them feedback.

He holds an MBA from Babson, one of the most prestigious Colleges in New England.  Anne-Pierre has a successful entrepreneurial experience in New York City, with a key role in setting up and building a showroom specialized in custom designed or bespoke carpets.  

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet can help gear up your team to communicate more efficiently as well as assess Value Chains and Marketing plans for value creation.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet



Why Anglais Marketing?

It is an invitation to get behind the wheel of your professional environment.  Anglais-Marketing.com provides tools to help you prepare for many business situations. For example, when:

 Calling a prospect, your banker..., or

 Communicating with your colleagues..., or

 Writing an e-mail, a memo...

We can help save time in preparing for those situations.

We focus on Anglo-Saxon environments.  Use Anglais-Marketing to gear up your teams.



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